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Mobdro is a slick and slim application that give access to their users to streams video with HD quality. By using Mobdro app, users can watch live sports game, news, movies, TV shows, or other programs. We also can enjoy premium TV channels like BBC, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, ESPN, Sky Sports, and more other TV channels.

Download latest official update of Mobdro APK for free and install Mobdro for Android, PC, Windows, Laptop, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac, Kodi, Smart TV, Chromecast, Android TV Box, Firestick, and Blackberry. Open Mobdro TV apps online for free video streaming, sports, entertainment, etc. Enjoy live streaming for sports, cricket, soccer, football, tennis, racing motogp and formula 1.

Mobdro 2.0.62 APK 2018 version is available. You can download from the download page.

Mobdro App download

Use Mobdro App to Stream Video for Free on Android Device

If you enjoy streaming video online then you will surely enjoy having Mobdro app in your smartphone. Mobdro Android app will search free video with best stream quality to give to your tablet and smartphone.

There are two version of Modro app that you could get, first is the freemium application that you could get for free. The second is premium application which offer more features.

The free version of Mobdro is available with many of features such as :

  • It constantly searches for the best videos available in the internet
  • It constantly searches for live streaming site
  • Very good and user friendly interface that will help us adapt with this app quickly
  • Video sharing option if we want to share the video
  • Premium TV channels with HD quality video

This Mobdro free app is ads supported. You have to see some ads while streaming your favorite videos on your mobile or other devices.

App Name:Mobdro
Version:v 2.0.62
Latest Update:January 29, 2018
Download Size:30 MB
Features:Stream HD quality video of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, music, etc
Operating System:Android
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.2+

Mobdro Free App Features That You Could Use

The Mobdro Free App also offers a lot of feature that you could use.

First is discovery feature which you could use to find videos from all over the world. Furthermore the videos are available in many languages for different type of topics.

Second you can share the video stream that you find in Mobdro apk 2017 to your friend and it all can be done in only one click.

There is also bookmarking feature so you could easily organizing your videos by the language or any topics that you set together in the player history.

Mobdro Review for Premium App Features

Lets us take a look at Mobdro review for the premium application which offers more features than the freemium version. Of course you will still get all of the features that you had on the freemium version but on the premium application you will get extra.

First is the ability to capture and download video stream so you could enjoy them offline. Furthermore there is option in Mob dro to define the time of your captured video so you do not have to capture the whole stream and cut it only on the part that you like.

We can also use Mobdro premium app for smart TV as it is also compatible with ChromeCast. Mobdro app will be able to automatically detect the device so you will see it as an icon on the upper part of the navigation. And when you want to see the video streaming on your big TV screen, all you need to do is to tap that icon.

Sometimes you watch the streaming video while you get ready to sleep. But with the Mobdro sleep timer, you do not have to worry since you can set when the app will turn off. Now you would not wake up with dead battery on your smartphone.

To get the premium application, you only need to purchase the subscription from the freemium application. You will then get payment options such as paypal and many others.

You can also use the premium account on other device, as long as you log in to the application with the same username.

Here we will also learn how to download Mobdro apk and install Mobdro app for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac OS, Windows (PC, laptop), Kindle Fire, Kodi, Chromecast, Mobdro for Smart TV (Samsung smart TV, LG smart TV).


Step By Step to Download Mobdro on Your Android Smartphone

For some reason Mobdro app download for Android is not available officially on Google Play store. But you should not have to worry since you could still get the freemium application from this website.

However before you could download mobdro first you need to do some adjustment to your Android device by following these steps:

  1. First you need to go to the setting menu on your Android device.
  2. Scrolling down on the menu and try to find security option then tap on it.
  3. Now scrolling down once again and try to find unknown source option.
  4. You will see option to allow installation of application from unknown source which you need to enable by tapping on the option or to turn on the option according to your device. This step is necessary as the mobdro app for android you want to install is not originally available on Google play store which means this application is from unknown source.
  5. Confirm that you really allow this option to be turned on by tapping on the ok button.

Now you are ready to download and install Mobdro app to your device. You can go and visit this link to get your application. You could download the application directly from your Android device. Or you can download the apk file from your windows and Mac computer then move it to your device.

After you finish downloading the apk file, you can tap directly on the download notification. Or if you use your computer to download the apk then you need to tap directly on the Mobdro app file when you want to install it.

There would be a popup that ask some permission so the application could use required access to work properly. For example is the permission to use your network access.

You can give Mobdro application the permission it need by confirming the installation. Wait until the installation process finish then you can use it to stream any video that you want.

Mobdro for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Unfortunately until now Mobdro has not released official version for iOS based device like iPhone and iPad. So, iOS users have to wait until Mobdro developer release official Mobdro for iOS including Mobdro for iPhone (iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S) and Mobdro for iPad (iPad Air/2/Mini).

We will inform you soon if any update regarding release of Mobdro for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Mobdro iOS iPhone iPad

Mobdro for Mac

Fortunately for Mac users, they can stream videos on Mobdro app by using Android emulator software called Bluestack. Bluestack is the most recommended app for Mac computer.

Installing Mobdro on Mac computer / laptop is similar to installing Mobdro on Laptop or PC with Windows OS, please read step-by-step guide how-to install Mobdro for PC above for more detail instruction.

Mobdro Kodi

Mobdro for Kodi Media Center

Mobdro has not released official version for Kodi Media Center yet. But with little more effort, we can enjoy HD video streaming using Mobdro on Kodi. The tutorial below will guide us how-to download and install Mobdro IPTV Add-on for Kodi :

  1. Open Kodi Software. From the Kodi main menu, go to System >> File Manager >> Add Source.
  2. A new window will appear. Select None in Add File Sources and click OK.
  3. A virtual keyboard will appear and we need to write this repository link correctly : and then select Done.
  4. Select Enter a Name for this Media Source. Give it a name, for example : Mobdro Kodi and then select OK
  5. Back to Kodi main menu. Go to System >> Add-ons >> Install From Zip File.
  6. Select the name we gave in Step 4. For example, we will select Mobdro Kodi as I gave that name before.
  7. We will see 2 files : and Select the second file “”
  8. Wait for the add-on enabled notification. Then click on it and we will see different options. Select Get Add-Ons >> AH Add-on repository >> Video Add-Ons.  Then select Mobdro >> Install.
  9. Wait for the add-on enabled notification and then we are done.

Now we are ready to stream HD quality video using Mobdro for Kodi.

Notes: Mobdro is not available anymore on Kodi


Mobdro for Amazon Kindle Fire

Mobdro for Amazon Kindle Fire (Fire OS)

Mobdro also can run on Amazon Kindle Fire devices. By using Fire OS, Kindle has similar OS like Android device which is use Android as their OS. Fire OS basicly is developed from Android OS, but with some modification.

Please follow the tutorial below for download and install Mobdro on Kindle Fire (Kindle Fire tablet including the first generation, HD, HDX, Amazon Fire Phone) :

  1. Set our Kindle Fire to allow download and installation from unknown sources.
    Go to Apps >> Settings >> Applications >> Apps From Unknown Sources (HD6) or Settings >> More >> Device >> Allow Installation of Applications and ensure it’s set to ON.
  2. Open browser application and then download the Mobdro APK file from this following link mobdro.apk or from here.
  3. Once download process has finished, open that file to continue installation process.
  4. We will have to click through a few more screens. After Kindle Fire gives us a warning notification, we have to tap Install on the bottom right and Mobdro for Kindle Fire should be all set.

That’s it! Modbro is now installed on Amazon Kindle Fire and we can stream HD videos or watch premium TV channels for free.

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    1. It means the Android version on the device is lower than the Android version Mobdro was compiled for. Android 4.1 or newer is required to install Mobdro app.

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