Mobdro for PC – Free High Quality Video Streaming on Windows PC & Laptop

If you looking for Mobdro for PC then you have come to the right place. The Mobdro PC application will be able to stream video in your PC for free. Furthermore the video is available in high quality as Mobdro will search only for the best quality video. And the app will not only search only in one language since they could search in different language you want.

With this Mobdro for PC application, you can watch the show in your preferred language for your convenient. Furthermore you could get two version of Mobdro on your PC and both will work to well.

Mobdro for PC laptop Windows

Freemium and Premium Version of Mobdro for Windows

The Mobdro for Windows are available in freemium version and premium version. For the freemium version, you will get sharing and bookmarking feature. With the sharing feature you will be able to share what you watch to your friend. And with Mobdro for PC bookmarking feature you will be able to bookmark the channel that you like. That way you do not need to search the channel again when you want to watch it.

On the premium Mobdro on PC version, you will have feature to connect it to your smart TV with ChromeCast. With this you will be able to watch the streaming video with your big screen TV. However since PC and laptop screen is already large, then this Mobdro Windows feature might not really need. Best part of this premium version is that you could capture what you see live. So you will be able to watch it again later offline in your PC. Of course you do not need to capture the whole show if you do not want to. You can set which part of the show that you want to capture then download it to your PC.

Timer function also added on the premium Mobdro for Windows 10 function so you could get ready to go to sleep while watching stream video with Mobdro. With this timer you could set when the application is turned off. But if you use Mobdro for PC then you could easily set timer on your PC to turn off.

How to Run Mobdro for Laptop and PC at Home

If you want to get Mobdro for laptop or PC then you need to have emulator to make it work. Currently Mobdro will only work on Android operating system. However you can get Mobdro Windows to work if you use Android emulator on your laptop. Open your Android emulator and use it to download Mobdro for PC here. Make sure you already allow installation of apk from unknown source on the setting menu.

Since Mobdro is not available on Google Play store then it will be recognize as unknown source application. Tap on the apk file to install Mobdro and you can use it right away. And if you want to use Mobdro for Windows phone then you can do that with help of other application to install Android Apk to your Windows phone. So now Mobdro for PC could be use on both Windows PC and phone.

Mobdro for Windows PC / laptop


How to Install Mobdro for Windows PC and Laptop

Mobdro has no official version for Windows OS (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7) but we can still enjoy this Mobdro online TV app by using Android emulator software.

Here the step-by-step guide for installing Mobdro on Windows:

  1. First we need to download and install Android emulator. Bluestack is our recomendation but you can use other software such as Droid4x and Andyroid.
    In this tutorial, we will use Bluestack. Download Bluestack from this following link : BlueStacks for Windows. Wait until the download process finished. Then we install the Bluestack on our PC/laptop, just follow the instruction from Bluestack.
  2. After finish installing Bluestack, then download the latest Mobdro APK file from this following link mobdro.apk using browser app. Wait until the download process is finished.
  3. After finish downloading Mobdro APK file, then double-click on it, or right click on it then click Open with Bluestacks APK Installer. We will have to click through a few more screens and Mobdro app should be all set.
  4. Go back to BlueStacks Home >> All Apps >> click on Mobdro icon to run Mobdro. We will be prompted to update the app when we open the Mobdro app for the first time.

That’s it ! We are now able to stream videos on our Windows PCs / laptops.

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