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Mobdro TV is a game changing application that is similar to XBMC and TVMC. Mobdro allows their users to watch TV shows, movies, sports, music, or live news on their tablet or smartphones. Mobdro comes with great HD quality of videos and fast video streams.

Mobdro app  has become one of the most popular online TV app on the planet nowadays. Mobdro online TV app users can watch premium TV channels like National Geo, BBC, Syfy, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Sky Atlantic, etc for free on their smartphone or tablet.

Mobdro TV

Mobdro Live TV

Mobdro Live TV is continuously updated their content daily and many of them are live broadcast videos. Mobdro online TV crawls the web for free streaming television, then organizes them by categories and it also searchable by title. Mobdro is kind of indexing tool app for various free streamings available on the internet.

We can choose from thousands of channels and many different languages on Mobdro TV live streaming app with HD quality and fast video streams.

By using Mobdro live streaming app, we can watch live news online from various TV channels like Euronews, BBC News, Sky News, CNN, CNBC News, etc.

Use Mobdro Online TV to Watch Free Sport Video

If you like to streaming sport video, then you will surely need Mobdro online TV. You can run this online TV by using Mobdro TV app on your Android smartphone. Then you can use the application to search for any video that you want in any topic that you like. From news, sport, and even film are all available to view for free using this application. There are more than 200 channels that you could watch with this online TV application.

Mobdro TV Free Sports to Watch Your Favorite Match

With Mobdro TV free sports you will be able to search any match that you want to watch online. They are available in different language so it is very convenient for you to use since you can find language that you understand. When you want to watch the Mobdro online TV video with your friend you can also share the link. That way your friend could open and watch it on the same channel. Mobdro TV freemium application offer bookmarking function so you can save any channel that you like and open it again to watch later.

Mobdro TV Free Sports is an amazing app for sports addicts. This slim and clean apps allows their users to stream live sports channels like Sky Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sports, NBA TV and Eurosport for free.

So we can watch live football (soccer) matches such as World Cup, UEFA Euro 2016, Copa America, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, EPL (English Premier League / Barclays Premier League), La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, etc. We also can stream Formula 1 and MotoGP races.

For installing Mobdro online TV app on your device, please follow the tutorial here.

Get Mobdro for Smart TV with Premium Application

Mobdro TV app download is also available in premium subscription. To get the premium subscription you only need to install the freemium version. Then it will give you option to purchase the premium service. You can pay the subscription with PayPal or any other convenient method. With the premium application you will get Mobdro for smart TV option. This option is useful since it support ChromeCast which means you can connect it to your smart TV. The process in activating Modro TV is done automatically so you only need to tap one icon to activate.

The Mobdro for Samsung smart TV with premium application also offer feature to capture video. So when you watch a sport video that you like, you can capture and download it. You do not have to capture the whole Mobdro online TV video. There is a feature so you could determine when to start and end the capture. This feature is very useful especially when you watch Mobdro live TV. So you can replay the live scene you watch before in offline mode.

When you watch Mobdro sports late at night, you might be afraid to fall asleep during match. Having application online all night will drain your smartphone battery. But in Mobdro online TV premium application there is timer function. So you can set the time for the application to be automatically turned off. Now you would not wake up with drained battery in your Android smartphone ever again.

When you use more than one smartphone, you could still use your premium subscription in any smartphone. All you need to do is to login with the same username that has premium subscription when download Mobdro online TV Apk. To download the free application, you can go to this link. Make sure you have “unknown source” option turn on before installation.

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